About Navid Moosa

“I am Navid Moosa and I’ve been in real estate for a little over 20 years and licensed for over 15 years. Being a real estate consultant I provide best real estate consulting services. I’m the creator of the term “Agenteur™” and the podcast host, Mr. Save A Home: Becoming an Agenteur™

I have no clue how many transactions I have done, nor do I care, in all honesty. I know the clients are happy and the bills are paid – pretty simple if you ask me. My initial entry into real estate was for bank-owned properties, aka REOs, and short sales. I tried the residential route about a year or two after getting my license, but it wasn’t for me. I know what most of my strengths and weaknesses are. I strive to work on that daily.

As a real estate investment consultant I will provide expert advice and recommendations to clients looking to purchase or develop property.